Taking the train in Japan


A limited express fee has to be paid in addition to the base fare. It is typically between 800 and 8000 yen depending on how far you travel. 2) Seat categories. On ...

Kurashiki Travel Guide - What to do in Kurashiki


4 Jun 2020 ... Travel guide for the city of Kurashiki in Japan.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Travel Guide


15 Apr 2020 ... The Murodo Station complex includes Hotel Tateyama, Japan's highest located hotel. Tateyama Trolley Bus. Electric powered buses transport ...

Capsule Hotels in Japan


12 Apr 2020 ... The procedure to stay at a capsule hotel may seem intimidating at first, but it is essentially the same at most capsule hotels and only differs slightly ...

What is good gift for host family - japan-guide.com forum


20 Apr 2009 ... I can't take food or any kind flower from the U.S. or my home home state of kansas on an airline. So what is gift good gift to give to them from ...

japan-guide.com user profile - Arufabetto no Zetto


general profile. nickname. Arufabetto no Zetto. residing. Kansas, United States. member since. 13 August 2012. japan travel profile. how often. never. Book your  ...

March 2020 Japan - japan-guide.com forum


23 Feb 2020 ... I am also in that boat (plane) for at trip toward the end of March. According to the travel agent I use on occasion the flights to Tokyo are much less ...

japan-guide.com user profile - LukeGoss


14 May 2018 ... residing. Kansas, United States. member since. 25 April 2013. birth year. 1981. sex. Male. nationality. United States. ethnicity. White/Caucasian ...

Yokohama Navy Exchange was where? - japan-guide.com forum


7 Mar 2009 ... Sam Bird was born in Kansas in 1940, and graduated from the Citadel. He went on active duty with the Army as the commander of an honor ...

Anyone live in/near Kanto Mura 1970-73? - japan-guide.com forum


17 Apr 2008 ... ... lived there. Email me back if you get the opportunity. KLSScrappy@aol.com. I remember Tony Reed who played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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